Air BnB has been our loyal companion since we began our travels. Apart from camping, staying with friends and work/home stays we opt for the unique, wild and rustic experiences that shine the light on local people and their knowledge.

Unplanned we found ourselves staying in some of the most remote, glorious and special places we have ever stayed. Sometimes it wasn’t easy or convenient but neither is life. To us eco-friendly cabins surrounded by Mumma Nature, beat the perfectly painted walls and timely room service of a normal hotel room any day!

 Here are some top picks from our adventures on the East Coast of Australia, to get you inspired to Go Off Track!

(If you are a nature, wildlife or insect-phobe don’t bother reading on)

Resolute Cabin – Nanango, QLD

Fancy going back to the Victorian times? Well look no further!

This absolute gem is hours from anything of interest, no electricity, no running water and certainly no wifi connection. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was cooked over a wood fired stove or outside on the fire pit. We roasted marshmallows, star-gazed and went on a 2 hour walk around Barbara and John’s property. If that doesn’t ignite your adventurous spirit; wild horses, kangaroos, a friendly possum and an array of birds were literally on our door step every morning (and the possum every evening).

Our evening bath was made by slowly boiling 2 pots of water then pouring this into a tin bucket and yes, it was fabulous.

Time slowed down and so did we. 

The Little House – Upper Burringbar, NSW

This incredible cabin is set on acres of rich rainforest. Back in the day this land was occupied by hippie communes and you can feel the loving vibes from the moment you step food on the land. The cabin itself is metres away from a gentle flowing stream, of course the psychedelic atmosphere got to me and within minutes I was naked floating around in the cool, refreshing water.

Sit out on the back deck and listen to the symphony proudly orchestrated by the wild birds and crickets while sipping on one of (many) herbal teas provided. The shower is outside surrounded by greener than green trees and there is even hot water for an added treat, BLISS.

Arleen Mountain Eco Cabin – Upper Main Arm, NSW

After a bumpy, twisty, uphill drive through the hills behind Mullumbimby we arrived at this eco-friendly heaven. David (the owner) and his friend built the entire cabin themselves out of recycled and reclaimed materials. With a homely yet minimalist style I immediately turned to David and announced ‘We are never leaving’. David had us gushing even more when he dropped round to deliver a pumpkin and some lemons freshly picked from the land, we were also instructed to pick anything we liked from the veggie patch in front of the house (melt).

The cabin is based on a mountain, in a protected habitat, on the edge of a national park (I know right!?) and the wildlife surrounding this scared space is mind blowing! Snakes, goannas, parrots, frogs and myriad of insects, it’s fair to say I felt like David Attenbourgh. The log fire will keep you warm and the endless views of mountains and rainforests will keep you humbled.

 So, turn off your phone, chuck on your hiking boots, set the fire away and connect with your loved ones.

May this post inspire you to look beyond the luxury, pristine and convenient stays. Get your hands dirty, spend hours making a simple meal, revel in the heat of a fire you built and most importantly enjoy the sounds of the wild.