Travelling around the world is awesome but doesn’t come without it’s challenges and if you are travelling extremely light like us, it can be an even bigger challenge. First aid kits are teeny tiny, wash bags are made only for the essentials and don’t even think about packing cleaning products! So how can one travel the world, stay healthy, sanitise their living space, look after their skin/hair and smell delicious all at the same time!?


Pure, essential oils have been my saving grace as we venture through this marvellous, unpredictable world. They weigh nothing, take up no space in your bag and are eligible for carry on. When using oils be sure to get 100% pure oils and not ‘fragrance oils’, I use doTERRA oils because of their incredible ethics, integrity and values as a business and the quality of their products.

Here are my top 5 oils that have proved very useful thus far on my travels. 


Immune System: Known as ‘The King of Oils’, Frankincense is my absolute favourite. I put 1 drop into a cup of warm water and lemon each morning to support and maintain a health immune system. So far so good! No runny noses, no bad bellies and happy faces all round!

Meditation: I use Frankincense for my meditation and yoga practice, rub a couple of drops on your third eye or on the back of the neck and allow the high vibrational scent take you where you need to be.

Anti-inflammatory: After a long day hiking or walking I rub Frankincense onto my feet, with it’s anti-inflammatory properties my feet feel like new within minutes!

Skin: Because we travel very light I don’t have many skin products so I use Frankincense as my skin treatment. Warm a face cloth with hot water and add a few drops of this delicious oil, rest the cloth over your face and BLISS out. I even apply the oil directly onto the skin and it feels great!


Perfume: Lavender is without a doubt my scent. Whenever we go out for dinner, or dancing, or to meet with friends, I steer away from the chemical concoctions of modern day perfumes and opt for pure, oh so perfect lavender. A few drops on the wrist and behind the ears will have you smelling divine and the compliments rolling in.

Sleep: Travelling sometimes means your sleep will suffer, noisy hostels, uncomfortable beds and just generally being somewhere new can mess with our precious shut eye. Before bed I rub lavender on my chest and the back on my neck, every now and again I will even put a few drops on my pillow. Works like a charm, sweet dreams.

Shampoo: Lavender not only smells good but it also has powerful antiseptic qualities that do wonders for your hair. Use a couple of drops in your shampoo or massage coconut oil with lavender into your scalp before a shower. Perfect for those ocean lovers who’s hair needs a little TLC.  ‘Because your worth it!’



Fresh Breath: My favourite thing to do with peppermint is put a couple of drops on the tongue, within seconds I can breathe deeper, my mouth feels squeaky clean and my breath smells so good. A couple of drops on the tongue also invigorates me, if you are road tripping and need a wake up call peppermint is your go to!

Tummy: Let’s be honest, travelling to different places and trying different foods can sometimes leave us a little funny in the tummy, if you get my drift. Take the discomfort away by putting a couple of drops of peppermint into your water bottle, it has been shown to reduce indigestion, bloating, IBS and the dreaded diarrhoea.

Headaches: Long flights and journeys mixed with little sleep and jet lag make for one juicy headache when travelling. When rubbed on the temples and back of the neck peppermint acts like a cooling pad and relives headaches very nicely.

Tea Tree

Acne: The most aromatic and authentic way to treat your unwanted facial friends. Dab tea tree on your blemishes, spots and acne a few times a day and you’ll certainly notice a big difference! Like I said these tiny bottles of oils act as my skin treatment kit, save on space in your bag and enjoy the purest form of beauty care!

Insect Repellent: It’s vital you look after yourself overseas when it comes to insect bites. We use a stronger insect repellent in countries which are prone to malaria and other insect born diseases, but in the safer countries tea tree acts as a great insect repellent and to treat any insect bites.

Cuts and Burns: Keep any little cuts or burns clean and healthy with tea tree oil, lightly apply with a cotton bud or tissue during the healing process and the oils anti-septic properties will steer you away from any nasty infections. Be sure to use tea tree oil on even the smallest cuts, bites, burns or abrasions, because small injuries can escalate very quickly in hot, humid climates as you travel.


Disinfectant: There is nothing worse than turning up to a dirty hostel or hotel room, it’s even worse when the bathroom is gross (my biggest pet peeve when travelling). Try adding a few drops of OnGuard to a spray bottle with water, spray onto bed sheets, mattress, surfaces, toilet, floors and carpets to cleanse your environment and protect against environmental threats. It smells delicious and will make your room feel homely and comfortable.

Immune System: Another oil that I use to support my immunes system and to fight against illness is OnGuard, rub onto the soles of your feet every morning and evening or run onto the back of your neck. If I feel a sore throat coming on I drop 1-2 drops into the back of my throat, it’s quite a strong taste so wash it down with some water.

Healthy Gums: After brushing my teeth in the morning I gargle with OnGuard to keep my gums and teeth healthy and disease free. This also works wonders if you have a tooth ache, try applying directly onto the area of concern to relieve pain.

So jump on board and enjoy the natural, authentic and ancient powers of these glorious oils.