After selling everything I own and leaving a healthy, balanced life, for a wild, unpredictable one I really thought my fitness days where over. I was worried I was destined to become an unhealthy backpacker full of beer and fries, with little to no exercise (apart from dancing the night away in a club).

However after settling into my nomadic lifestyle and finding the desire to be fit and healthy all my life, I am now feeling better than ever before! My yoga practice has been my driving force, keeping me balanced and focused. While Micky’s love for healthy foods and the environment has ensured we stay (mainly) on the clean, green path.

These tips and tricks along with a sprinkle of dedication and determination will keep you feeling fabulous throughout your travels.

Add ‘Structure’ To Your Day.

Structure is something I initially avoided like the plague when I left to travel the world. However over time I have realised the importance of structure to stay balanced, healthy and active in this nomadic life. Even if you plan to do your activity for the first hour each morning or evening, just pick a time to nourish yourself and stick with it. The mornings work the best for us, before any exploring or adventures begin Micky goes for a run and I either join him or do my yoga practice. I then meditate, journal and cover my body in oils. Self-love time. It brings flow to your day and keeps you feeling awesome.

Cook Yourself.

Camping, living in a van, staying in a hotel room, a hostel or an Air BnB it really doesn’t matter, we can all find the means to cook our own healthy, delicious and nutritious meals. Wether you use a community BBQ area, a little gas stove, eat raw or use a kitchen there are numerous ways to make your own yummies. Not only is this (normally) a healthier option, it’s much more affordable as well. Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner can become extremely costly, especially if you are travelling for the long term like us. We eat very well and cook 90% of our own food. When we work out the price of our scrumptious meals, they normally cost between $1-5 each.

Prepare Snacks.

When you know you are heading out for a big day on the beach, visiting the local sights or for a lengthy hike, bring your own healthy snacks. Nuts, sandwiches, fruit and veggies, just go wild and through some stuff into your backpack for later in the day. The biggest reason we eat junk food when travelling is because we are unprepared. It’s much easier to go to the nearest cafe or food stall and grab something indulgent if we don’t have a healthy choice close by. We use lunch boxes or re-usable sandwich bags to carry our snacks for the day, check out our 5 Sustainable Snacks to get inspired.


The best way to fit in a workout with out even realising it is to EXPLORE! Go outside and climb a mountain, walk the beach, explore a new city, find a waterfall, visit a national park or just generally wander around enjoying the sights. Exploring a new place is always so much fun and very exciting, so skip the taxi and get out there! Before you know it you will have racked up the kilometres and be feeling fantastic.

Make It Fun!

Forget the boring hotel gym, try something new and fun! Where ever you go in the world, guaranteed your destination will have something ‘fitness’ related going on and quite often it is something you haven’t tried before. This is also a brilliant way to get to know people in the community and to better understand local cultures. Native dance classes, ice skating, roller blading, stand up paddle boarding, surfing and snorkelling are just the tip of the iceberg of fun things to do in different places. Check out the local council’s website to see if they have an active and healthy program running in the area.

Eat Locally.

So wether you are eating out or buying produce to make your own food try your best to eat/buy locally. Stay away from big chains and unhealthy franchises, more than likely their food is full of preservatives and not fresh. We love going to a local food market or tasting the regional cuisine at family owned restaurants. For our vegetables and fruit we seek out the weekly local markets and try to put our money into the local economy. Eating/buying locally means you will be eating the freshest and most nutritious produce as well as supporting the locals in the area, its a win win!

Travelling the world doesn’t mean indulging everyday, putting on weight and letting go of all the activities that make you feel good.

Mix adventure with structure, balance ice-creams and hearty salads, switch between relaxing on the beach and running along it, alternate beers and green smoothies.

Look after those beautiful bodies. Stay healthy, stay happy.