hot sauce

Living in a van whilst travelling across one of the largest countries on earth is awesome but let me tell you something, cooking is HARD.

Getting adequate nutrition for myself and my ‘soon to be wife’ is not straight forward without a proper fridge, no freezer, no space to prepare, no oven and at times no shops selling anything that could be considered food.

So its time to get creative! Campervan Condiments are exactly the sort of thing we have been craving: tasty and nourishing condiments that don’t go off easily (many of the recipes I will write in this series won’t need refrigeration, as long as you are careful). These are the kind of things that are easy enough to make in a van – parked in jungle, desert, carpark or beach, and cheap enough not to break the bank.

Like I said this sauce is easy enough to make in a van, so all you out there with houses and kitchens (you know who you are!) are going to find this even easier.

Hot sauces are traditionally made from fermented chilis, this creates a sauce full of probiotic bacteria and bursting with flavour.

If you haven’t discovered the amazing health benefits of fermented foods yet, this sauce is a great place to start. Not only are ferments long lasting naturally preserved foods (no more shrivelled black chilis in the bottom of the fridge) but they also have amazing benefits for the health of your gut.

This homemade hot sauce provides us with a complex flavoured condiment, that will awaken food without covering overwise healthy meals in sugary sauces (tomato, bbq and hot sauces are notorious for being very high in sugar).

Hot Sauce is the perfect first step on your fermenting journey (you are going to have a fermenting journey) because it’s so easy to make and only has 2 ingredients (one of which you will already have in the cupboard). The only thing you really need to ask yourself is ‘How hot do I want it?’

probiotic hot sauce

I usually make this with habenero chillies and it is HOT, hotter than anything you can buy in the shops. This same recipe can be made with any type of chilli, milder varieties still produce awesome results.

There are 1000s of uses for this fiery little devil, it’s a punchy addition to a plain salad dressing, mix it with roast tomatoes to make a healthy ketchup, or splash it on anything and everything. Remember, if you don’t want to kill off all the probiotic bacteria you just created – don’t cook it above 65c/149f.

Probiotic Hot Sauce

Probiotic Hot Sauce

A fiery fermented hot sauce with probiotic health benefits


  • 4 cups red chilies (any variety or mixture you like)
  • 2 tbsp sea salt


  1. Remove the green stalks from the chilies.
  2. Place Chilies in a blender (or if you have no blender, go wild with a knife) with the salt and blend until mushy. Do not lean over to see how it smells!
  3. Transfer mixture to a clean glass jar and seal.
  4. The sauce will take between 2 and 5 days depending on the climate (the hotter your climate, the quicker it takes) you should see bubbles appearing after the first day. Stir the sauce everyday or twice a day if you can, this keeps the top layer from drying out and going bad.
  5. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve into another clean glass jar or bottle. The liquid part is your hot sauce, the rest is a very hot fermented chili paste. You can put the chili paste in the fridge and cook with it, but it wont last as long as the sauce.
  6. Once the sauce is strained you can either transfer it to the fridge or mature it by leaving it in the jar or bottle in a cool dark place (I usually do this for 2 weeks, it intensifies the heat and flavour) before placing in the fridge.

Peace out chili munchers.

the chef