Hello beautiful people,

It has been a long time since we’ve wrote on the our lovely little blog (where does the time go!) and for that we apologise! But it is 2017 now and we are officially back in action!

We have so many stories, life lessons, travel tips, yoga goodness and scrumptious recipes to share with you all! It’s exciting to be back writing, creating and travelling again!

A lot has gone down over the last few months, probably the biggest and most memorable event is…we got MARRIED! (A gushy, gooey, love-filled post with all the details and dramatics of our big day to follow very soon. For now I will leave you with these 2 pictures, pass me the tissues!).

As well as tying the knot we also left Australia (as Aussie citizens!), travelled Bali, headed back home (to England), had the most romantic honeymoon in Ireland, explored Costa Rica and relocated to Little Corn Island in Nicaragua!

It was a big, beautiful ending to a big beautiful 2016.

Micky and I saw 2017 in while dancing under the stars on this phenomenal Island, an Island that even in such a short amount of time has taught us so much.

We came to Little Corn Island for what we believed to be our ‘dream’ jobs, we were excited beyond belief, I told everyone about it, talked it up to family and friends, then, after one week working…we quit. It was so unexpected and unplanned but in the end we had to follow our hearts.

Something you should know about me, I don’t do many ‘spontaneous’ things, I like to know what is happening and when. I am an avid life planner and I had these jobs lined up for us months before arriving, so quitting just like that was so out of character for me.

After a few days of work, I looked at Micky and asked; ‘Babe, are you happy?’, ‘I’m not happy Vick.’ was his immediate response.

In that moment my mind flashed back to the night before we left to travel the world, Micky and I were sat cuddled on the couch and we made a pinky promise that never, ever again would we do things that didn’t make us happy. We promised one another that no matter the situation, we would always choose happiness. Like most people, we had worked in jobs that drained our energy, vitality and enthusiasm. No more, is what we agreed. My vision refocused on him and I said ‘Let’s quit then.’

We had many discussions about our situation in the coming days, I was just so nervous and scared to quit. What would we do? We were living on a remote island, 70 kilometres off the coast of Nicaragua, I had no idea how or if we could make this situation work. But in the end, staying in a job we didn’t enjoy seemed more scary than the fear of the unknown.

Micky and I walked into work on day 7 and respectfully quit. The very same day we both had new, exciting jobs on the Island. I kid you not.

We jumped, the net appeared. 

This was exactly the lesson I needed to learn before our year turned into 2017. I had to rise up against my fearful thoughts to follow my heart that yearned for change and trust. I needed to lean that life is fiercely unpredictable. That life cannot be planned on pen and paper. Life isn’t meant to be broken down into jobs, months, bullet points or set goals.

Life wants to be wild. Life wants to colour outside the lines. Life wants to challenge our trust in it’s chaotic ways.

I lie in bed at night and think about the opportunities I would have missed if I had stayed in that job because I was scared of admitting it wasn’t working.

I now teach yoga everyday, I hold workshops and I choose to spend the rest of my days writing, reading and connecting with incredible people. Micky doing consultancy work and holds pop-up dinners that are proving very popular.

This experience has birthed a new, incredible business venture and we are heading straight for it at the end of the month.

So this is where we’re at right now…

Wholeheartedly and unapologetically trusting in the Devine plan. Saying a big fat YES to fulfilling, enriching, exciting opportunities and a stern NO to anything else.

With all my heart and soul I hope you have strength you need to choose happiness over fear, to say I trust over I’m scared, to jump and be caught.

We’ll be in touch again soon. All our love and light,

Vicky and Micky x