Outside the Iglesia de Merced in Granada stands a very friendly man with a little food cart. Said man stands outside the church all day long serving church goers and passers by. One evening we stood at the top of the church tower, watching the sun sink lower in the sky over the old, vibrant city. Although the sunset was phenomenal all I could think about was trying his Quesillos. I rushed down the spiralled stairs before the sun disappeared to grab some of this Nicaraguan Snack.

A Quesillo is a thick, Nicaraguan style tortilla topped with a layer of cheese, and grilled warm. It is then rolled up with pickled onion, sour cream, salt and optional chilli. It tastes like a sour, spicy quesedilla. Quesillos are the prefect fuel for pounding the pavements of the prettiest city in Nicaragua and carts can be found all over.

We paid 40 Córdoba for one (just over 1USD).

For more street food options, take a walk to the Parque Central; the large plaza that sits in front of the bright yellow Catedral de Granada. In each corner of the plaza sits a little kiosk surrounded by locals all eating the same thing, Vigarón. It was only with a little curiosity and some broken Spanish did I discover this unique and delicious dish which Granada is famous for.

Vigarón is the only thing on offer at these little kiosks, although we did figure out that we could get it ‘sin chicharron’ (No Pork) for the vegetarian Yogi.

Vigarón is essentially a salad, consisting of chicharron (fried pork skin), mashed yuca and pickled cabbage. The fundamentals are pleasantly served on a plantain leaf with lashings of sour and spicy dressing, onion, tomato, chilli and sliced mimbro (a strange, tangy little thing which is a cross between a gherkin and a small banana). We ordered our dish with some sweet, freshly squeezed mandarina juice. This juice was the perfect compliment to the sour cabbage and the spicy chilli.

The chicharron is crispy and smokey, the yucca is creamy and rich, and the tart cabbage salad perfectly cuts through them both.

This perfectly balanced, fresh, spicy dish is the go to snack on a sunny afternoon as you watch old world Latin America stroll by.

We paid 80 Córdoba (under 3 USD) for one or 60 Córdoba (around 2 UDS) for the vegetarian version.

Barrigas lleonos, corazones contentos – Bellies full, hearts content. 

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