Welcome to our Little, Gypsy World.vicky micky

Who are we you ask?

Well as the name of this site will lead you to believe, yes, we are in fact a Yogi and a Chef (aka, Vicky and Micky), a loved up duo slowly travelling the world, with absolutely no plans to return ‘home’ (wherever home may be…).

We tried the 9-5 and it just didn’t quite fit. Despite having great jobs, a beautiful home and holidays once a year we still felt…un-fullfilled.

For years we felt drawn towards creating a different kind of life, a life that allowed us to meet incredible people, move freely, connect with diverse cultures, sleep under the stars, learn with no limits and live with no boundaries.

A minimalistic life, filled with adventure, variety and most importantly sweet, sweet…


So we decided to bite the bullet and follow our call to the wild. We saved our pennies, sold everything we owned, quit our jobs, bought a backpack and set off into the wonderful unknown.

Now, living and working on the road, in constant flux, side by side, no fixed address, seeking less not more…

Welcome to the life of the Yogi and the Chef.

What We Do

Vicky Pickthe yogi 

Vicky completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 at Essence of Living under the guidance of Michelle Merrifield, she has been a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate yoga teacher (and student) ever since. Whether she is running charity events, hosting inversion workshops, teaching the local community or assisting on yoga retreats or yoga teacher trainings, Vicky strives to share her light and love with everyone she meets. She continues to expand her knowledge and understanding of the practice through workshops and courses facilitated by local and international teachers.

“Finding yoga was the best thing that ever happened to me. It brought me to life, it showed me my light, it shook my soul and I can only hope to share this experience and feeling with others. I adore teaching, but not as much as I do learning, we are all students and yoga is one big, never-ending journey.

My students are the ones who teach me the most, my greatest Guru’s, they show me my weaknesses and shine the light on my strengths.”

Vicky also has a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education, working with children is a passion of hers. Vicky combined her love for yoga and teaching children by introducing a yoga and meditation program in schools on the Gold Coast for children with disabilities, she also ran a weekly workshop for women affected by sexual violence called Warrior Women Yoga. Vicky continues to connect, serve and grow with the local community as she travels.

Micky pickthe chef

Micky has worked as a chef for 15 years, he has over 4 years experience as head chef and is capable in all aspects of running and working in commercial kitchens. From large scale restaurants to family run eateries, from yoga retreats to fine dining restaurants under Michelin starred chefs, and almost everything in between, Micky has done it all.

His personal belief is that food should be respectful of ingredients and of our bodies, for this reason Micky takes a farm to table approach by using local, seasonal and fresh produce to create honest, delicious foods.

With courses, classes, workshops and books Micky continually expands his understanding of the science of food. Despite being omnivorous, Micky has a lot of experience cooking vegetarian, vegan, raw and dairy/gluten free foods from working on numerous yoga retreats and cooking endless meals for his vegetarian sweetheart Vicky.

Food is a universal language, the most easy to digest form of culture. When we go to a new place we can’t always speak the language or understand the customs but we can begin to understand the culture through food.

To taste food is to taste a place, the ingredients, the season, the techniques, the people, the history. This is why I love food and this is why I love travel. I am on a mission to discover diverse ingredients, learn from local cooks and create amazing foods as I travel this wonderful world.”

 Work With Us

Along with our respective skills, we write, blog, photograph and video all things wild, wonderful and weird. We adore organising, consulting and assisting in all areas of yoga, food and travel.

If you would like to work with us please drop us a message on:


Words of Love

Vicky has the most beautiful welcoming smile and a big generous heart. She teaches with so much love and passion and has genuinely inspired me to deepen my practice and embrace yoga as a way of life. Every time I step into one of Vicky’s classes I immediately feel happy and relaxed. Her teaching style is professional, creative, wonderfully playful, and cleverly sequenced. Every class she teaches is unique and I learned something new every time. She generously shares her knowledge and never ceases to inspire and motivate her students. I always leave Vicky’s class feeling empowered, rejuvenated and with a great sense of fulfilment.

Serene McLean, National Sales Coordinator at Gold Coast Tourism

Stay wild,

Vicky and Micky